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How to Make Neapolitan Pizza

How to Make The Best Neapolitan Pizza in 2022

Neapolitan Pizza is considered by Italians Pizza lovers as the golden standard for Pizza.  While until few years ago it was considered as a niche product because of the more popular and less traditional alternatives offered in the USA (see e.g. New York Style Pizza, New Haven Style Pizza or Chicago Deep Dish Pizza), we are seeing a lot of new  Neapolitan Pizzeria in all the main US cities. The main differences between the Neapolitan Pizza and the classic American are: 

1) Neapolitan Pizza is very thin at the center with a very thick and soft crust on the outer part.

2) Sauce is plain tomato and sea salt and a couple of basil leaves, no other spices (and no garlic!)

3) It is topped with fiordilatte Mozzarella

4) The choice of toppings is very limited, usually limited to anchovies, ham, sausage. 

5) It can be cooked in a firewood oven only for no longer that 90 sec. 

6) It has a diameter of 12-14 in

While the perfect pizza can be eaten in a pizzeria, here we offer a recipe that you can do at home and if you have a pizza oven that reaches 905 F you can be impressed.

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