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BARCODE: 895199001408

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Maxim natural silver maxion technology ultra thin panty liners offer maximum feminine hygiene protection when your flow is light. We make these panty liners with breathable all-natural cotton, including a 100% cotton cover sheet that sits closest to your skin...


BARCODE: 356163301202

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Emerita personal moisturizer features a water-based formula to help support and soothe vaginal dryness. Made specially for women, this personal lubricant blends vitamin e, aloe vera gel, chamomile and calendula to maintain balance and comfort the skin. For best results,...

Boiron - Yeastaway - 7 Count

BARCODE: 306969716984

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Boiron yeastaway is a homeopathic remedy intended to relieve minor vaginal itching, burning, and discomfort. Boiron has been a trusted company for decades and is a worldwide leader in homeopathic medicines. Yeastaway uses a time-tested formula to help alleviate the...

Women's Health Yeast-gard Advanced Suppositories - 10 Suppositories

BARCODE: 012277662010

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Women's health yeast-gard advanced suppositories - 10 suppositories Box contains 10 Yeast Guard Advanced Homeopathic Vaginal Suppositories with applicator.Provides soothing vaginal itching relief and burning and irritation relief from yeast infection by delivering homeopathic actives with its probiotic enriched compound....


BARCODE: 016867009911

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Organyc tampons - 100 percent organic cotton - super - non applictr - 16 ctcountry of origin : united statessize : 16 ctpack of : 1selling unit : each


BARCODE: 895199001194

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Why classic? because they are designed like the first basic pads that were around before the more recently designed pads with wings! they’re traditionally thicker, more absorbent and don’t have wings like the more modern and popular ultra thin winged...


BARCODE: 895199001200

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

These sleek natural panty liners can be used during your menstrual cycle on light days or as a tampon back up. Others use them for light incontinence and bladder control. Either way, they’ll leave you feeling fresh and help prevent...

Seventh Generation - Free And Clear Pads - Regular - Case Of 6 - 18 Count

BARCODE: 732913450022

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Seventh generation regular ultra thin pads are processed chlorine-free, with an innovative purefit design that conforms to your body for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort. Each package contains 18 pads with wings that will provide the protection you need without...

Radius - Full Size Tampon Case - 1 Case - Case Of 6

BARCODE: 085178000458

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Radius travel case, tampon is made with 50% recycled material, no. 5 plastic. The product is not tested on animals and is certified vegan. Designed to last, it's great for all travel, home and office. It's unbreakable and one piece....


BARCODE: 638242000030

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Puretouch feminine wipes flushable - 24 wipescountry of origin : united statessize : 24 ctpack of : 1selling unit : each

Blossom Organics - Lubricant - Natural Moisturizing - 4 Fl Oz

BARCODE: 016169530043

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Let sensuality blossom into pleasure. Our female lubricant has been expertly formulated as the naturally pure choice for women seeking a heightened sense of intimacy. Ph balanced to mimic a woman’s natural chemistry and free of harsh ingredients, this silky...


BARCODE: 638242000047

PRODUCT TYPE: Personal Care

Puretouch individual flushable moist feminine wipes - 12 packetscountry of origin : united statessize : 12 ctpack of : 1selling unit : each