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Honey & Syrup

Bees are among the most important insects that regulated the vegetal life on earth. They are the most efficient pollinators and since centuries honey that they produce to sustain their colonies are liked by humans too. Honey who is considered an healthy sweetener also plays an important role in traditional medicine. As an example. studies  show that Manuka honey has a strong antibacterial effects and might be effective to help against seasonal sore throats and bacterial stomach ulcers. A similar effect is attributed to Propolis. 

While Honey is the king of healthy sweeteners, we offer several other treats to your sweet tooth. Recent research has shown that while calorie empty, certain artificial sweeteners might contribute to weight gain and affect  the metabolism of insulin.On the other hand, natural sweeteners like monk fruit extract contains mogrosides a  sweet tasting antioxidant that makes it  a sugar-free sweetener with zero calories and does not affect blood sugar levels. A similar products but  is the stevia sweetener, manufactured from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevia has zero calories and still effective at high temperatures. An ideal sweetener for your coffee, tea and even for baking.


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