About Yerba Prima

Yerba Prima was founded in 1980 with the goal of making the highest quality natural dietary fiber and internal cleansing products that are easy to use and provide real health benefits.
It quickly became the number 1 dietary fiber line in the United States natural food markets.

Reasons to Buy:
Highest quality ingredients with no fillers.
All fiber products are non-GMO and gluten free.
Pioneer of significant advancements in health enhancing products.
      Product Highlights:

      Psyllium Provides clinically proven multi-fiber benefits of soluble and insoluble fiber. Available in multiple formats to meet consumers’ needs:

      Psyllium Husks – Whole, Powder, Caps, and Veg Caps
      Organic Psyllium Husks – Whole and Caps
      Daily Fiber – Plain & Orange Powder, Caps
      Colon Care – Powder and Caps
      Fiber Plus – Powder and Caps
      Soluble Fiber Formula – Powder and Caps

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