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DiVertigo Topical Oil Non-Drowsy All Natural Relief for Vertigo 0.17 Fz

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This special supplement is a doctor-recommended, all-natural alternative to medications commonly prescribed for the treatment of vertigo without any addictive properties or known side effects. DiVertigo liquid drops are made with 100 percent natural oil that calms and eases everyday symptoms like, dizziness, unsteadiness and nausea. The highly concentrated formula helps relieve symptoms related to dizziness for a soothing, calming effect. The drops won't leave you feeling sleepy, so they can be used whenever symptoms arise. The medication is formulated to work quickly, even after symptoms begin to show. To use the vertigo drops, simply apply just one drop behind each ear; within three to five minutes, symptoms should recede, restoring a healthy sense of balance and control. Each 5 ml bottle is compact for effortless carrying, for easy treatment wherever needed.

DiVertigo Vertigo Relief Liquid Drops, 5 ml:
  • 100% all natural alternative to prescription medications associated with the treatment of vertigo;
  • DiVertigo liquid drops can help users regain balance and control
  • Fast relief of nausea, spinning, unsteadiness, dizziness, vomiting, light-headedness and headaches
  • Oil is for topical use only
  • Fast acting formula can begin working in just 5 minutes
  • Simple to use, just apply behind the ear
  • No known side effects or addictive properties
  • Won't cause drowsiness, so they can be taken whenever symptoms arise
  • Compact 5mL bottle for effortless portability
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Please note: statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

ingredients : botanical oil blend;lavender;peppermint;ylang ylang;frankincense;chamomile and myrrh