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Dr. Mcdougall's Vegan Hot and Sour Noodle Soup Big Cup (Pack of 6) - 1.9 Oz.

$25.99 USD $27.99 USD

Dr. McDougall's Hot and Sour Noodle Soup Big Cup is the perfect way to get a healthy and delicious meal in no time. This vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO soup is made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial or unnecessary additives. Each cup of Dr. McDougall's Clear Noodle Soup weighs 1.9 oz, and each serving has 90 calories. With 70%+ organic ingredients such as organic noodles, organic wheat flour, brine, salt, vegetables, white and green onions, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, mild chilies, yeast extract, organic cane sugar, potato starch, organic vinegar, soy sauce, soybeans, wheat, natural flavors, sesame, citric acid, tofu, xantham gum and spices, this product is sure to please. This pack of 6 is a great way to stock up and have a healthy meal ready in no time. Enjoy Dr. McDougall's Hot and Sour Noodle Soup Big Cup and let the delicious, natural flavors take you away. Try it today and taste the difference!
Cozy Farm had exactly what I was looking for at a really good price. They also processed my order very quickly and it was delivered days before I would have expected it.
Bill G. (Trustpilot)
I was able to get in my favorite item in a timely and affordable manner.
Crystal (Trustpilot)
Got product that I had difficulty in finding elsewhere at a great price.
Shipping was quick and was informed of status along the way.
Will shop again.
Karen (Trustpilot)