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Earth Therapeutics Pore Cleanse Strip Tea Tree

$13.60 USD $16.09 USD

Earth Therapeutics Pore Cleanse Strip Tea Tree is the perfect solution for a deep pore cleanse. Each strip provides a potent blend of natural ingredients that help to unclog pores, remove excess oil, and reduce the appearance of blackheads. The strips are formulated with a special blend of polyquaternium-11, deionized water, PVP, isopropyl alcohol, silica, butylene glycol, tea tree oil, witch hazel extract, titanium dioxide, silicon oil, menthol, methylparaben, and orange oil. This combination of ingredients helps to open and cleanse pores, remove impurities, and leave skin feeling soft and refreshed. Earth Therapeutics Pore Cleanse Strip Tea Tree is designed for use on all skin types. The gentle formula is ideal for those with sensitive skin. The strips are easy to use and are conveniently packaged in a pack of 6, allowing you to perform a deep pore cleanse whenever you need it. After use, your skin will be left feeling clean, refreshed and revitalized. For those looking for a gentle, natural solution for their skin care needs, Earth Therapeutics Pore Cleanse Strip Tea Tree is the perfect choice. Get your pack of 6 today and experience the power of a deep pore cleanse.
Cozy Farm had exactly what I was looking for at a really good price. They also processed my order very quickly and it was delivered days before I would have expected it.
Bill G. (Trustpilot)
I was able to get in my favorite item in a timely and affordable manner.
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Got product that I had difficulty in finding elsewhere at a great price.
Shipping was quick and was informed of status along the way.
Will shop again.
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