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Sea Minerals Mineral Bath - 16 Oz.

$15.93 USD $17.93 USD

This all-natural Sea Minerals Mineral Bath, weighing in at 16 oz, is an essential addition to any spa or bath time routine. Packed with natural, mineral-rich sea salts, this mineral bath is perfect for providing relief from skin irritations and muscle soreness. The therapeutic effects of sea minerals have been known for centuries, and this mineral bath is sure to help relax and rejuvenate both body and mind. The Sea Minerals Mineral Bath is made with only the highest quality ingredients and is sourced from the United States. Each 16 oz package contains a full pound of mineral-rich sea salt, giving you the opportunity to enjoy multiple baths with the same package. Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles, reduce stress, or just relax and enjoy a luxurious spa experience, the Sea Minerals Mineral Bath is the perfect choice. This mineral bath is perfect for use in the bathtub, foot baths, or hot tubs and adds a soothing and refreshing touch to any spa experience. Ready to take your spa experience to the next level? Get your own 16 oz package of Sea Minerals Mineral Bath and enjoy the unique benefits of this mineral-rich bath. Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation today.
Cozy Farm had exactly what I was looking for at a really good price. They also processed my order very quickly and it was delivered days before I would have expected it.
Bill G. (Trustpilot)
I was able to get in my favorite item in a timely and affordable manner.
Crystal (Trustpilot)
Got product that I had difficulty in finding elsewhere at a great price.
Shipping was quick and was informed of status along the way.
Will shop again.
Karen (Trustpilot)