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Stash Tea Herbal Lemon Ginger (Pack of 6, 20 Bags Each)

$32.65 USD $34.65 USD

Stash Tea Herbal Lemon Ginger is a caffeine-free herbal tea blend crafted with natural ingredients. This tea combines tangy lemon flavor with warm ginger spice to create a flavor that will wake you up without the caffeine. Each box contains six 20-bag packages of tea, providing plenty of tea for a family or group gathering. Stash Tea has been crafting quality tea since 1972, so you can trust that your cup will be full of flavor. This tea is GMO-free, kosher certified, and free of artificial colors or flavors. Brew up a cup of Stash Tea Herbal Lemon Ginger and enjoy the tangy lemon notes, followed by the warm and inviting ginger spice. This herbal tea blend is the perfect addition to a morning cup of tea or an afternoon snack. Whether you're enjoying a cup by yourself or sharing with friends and family, you can trust Stash Tea to provide a full flavor cup of tea every time. Try Stash Tea Herbal Lemon Ginger today and put a little flavor in your teacup!
Cozy Farm had exactly what I was looking for at a really good price. They also processed my order very quickly and it was delivered days before I would have expected it.
Bill G. (Trustpilot)
I was able to get in my favorite item in a timely and affordable manner.
Crystal (Trustpilot)
Got product that I had difficulty in finding elsewhere at a great price.
Shipping was quick and was informed of status along the way.
Will shop again.
Karen (Trustpilot)