Featured Brands - Culturelle Probiotics
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Featured Brands - Culturelle Probiotics

Featured Brands - Culturelle Probiotics

Culturelle is the #1 Global Probiotic Brand Their mission is to find new ways to enhance the health and wellness of people everywhere by developing the highest quality product. They insist on clinically proven efficacy for all their ingredients. Trusted to safely and effectively support digestive, immune and overall health & well-being exclusively with LGG, the proven-effective, single-strain, super probiotic. All their products are clinically proven products and FDA approved. 
Culturelle is specialized on:
Vitamin – A daily probiotic supplement that supports digestive and immune health and helps create a strong foundation for lifelong health.
Digestive – Provides relief from symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, intestinal pain, and restores the natural balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract.
Kids – A daily supplement that helps create a strong foundation for health as your young child begins to grow by promoting better nutrient absorption and supporting a healthy immune system.
    At Cozy Farm we offer several Culturelle products including: 

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