A journey in the world of organic products with our customers in mind.


Let us introduce ourselves with 10 things you should know about the Cozy Farm organic food grocery store. 

When we decided to start Cozy Farm our main goal was what can an organic food grocery store can do for everyone.

The answer was right next us, we wanted to give the peace of mind that their child just like ours was not exposed to dangerous and junky foods from which we try to runaway every day.


1) The best seller in our inventory is not any item in the Organic Food Grocery category but rather a supplement of alpha-lipoic acid. Supplements are a big portion of our inventory and honestly we have the best.

2) Cozy Farm is a family owned and run small business, we appreciate your support. 

3) We originally from Italy and we offer on our website information on how to use product for Italian dishes.

4) We based in Miami-Dade county and you know it's hot down here, but we grow bananas, avocados, mango and Papayas. Come and visit we have a lot of them! We trying to grow melons but it is too humid. 

5) We run the business uniquely in the family (including the website, nice ahh?). When we do not work to fulfill your orders we enjoy the beauty of our coast. 

6) Our favorite product in our inventory is the Wasa Crispbread try them they are addictive.

7) We have two cats, Anubi and Minerva, they are Italians too. 

8) Our supply chain is shorter than that of big chains as we store our inventory in four warehouses across the USA so your item never arrives always from far away so we save lots of carbon. 

9) We always eat fresh food and natural products as for Italian tradition. Our products help in that. 

10) We love our customers and we'd like to hear from you. Give us a call or drop a line. 

Now that you know about us and our organic food grocery and natural products store rest assured that we have anything you need.  


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